Court Appointed Attorneys

The Third Judicial Circuit is seeking attorneys who wish to become contract attorneys for due process for conflict cases in the following divisions.

Circuit Criminal – Felony and capital cases
County Criminal – Misdemeanor
Juvenile – Dependency and delinquency
Probate – Baker Acts, Marchman Acts
Others – Jimmy Ryce or Judicial Waiver of Parental Notification of Termination of Pregnancy petitions.

Pursuant to Florida Statutes section 27.40 and Florida Statutes section 27.5303, the Article V indigent services committee is responsible for maintaining a list of attorneys in private practice who are willing to serve as court appointed counsel.

Requirements: To be included on the list, attorneys must certify that they meet the minimum requirements established in general law for court appointment of private counsel, a member in good standing with The Florida Bar, familiar with the practices and procedures of the Third Judicial Circuit, and will abide by the terms of the Administrative Order and the contract for services. To be included on a registry, an attorney also must enter into a contract for services with the Justice Administrative Commission.