AO 2017-006


Administrative Order No.


IN RE:Assignment of Administrative Judge for Third Judicial Circuit Family Law Division

WHEREAS, the Third Judicial Circuit has established a unified family court as required by the Florida Supreme Court in its opinion, In re: Report of the Commission on Family Courts, 588 So. 2d 586 (Fla. 1991); and

WHEREAS, In re: Report of the Commission of Family Courts, 633 So. 2d 14, 17-18 (Fla. 1994) requires that an administrative judge be appointed to be directly responsible for administratively managing the family division; and

WHEREAS, Rule 2.215(b)(5), Florida Rules of Judicial Administration, authorizes the Chief Judge to “designate a judge in any court or court division of circuit or county courts as “administrative judge” of any court or division to assist with the administrative supervision of the court or division”; it is therefore

ORDERED that Circuit Judge Mark E. Feagle is hereby appointed to serve as administrative judge for family courts in the Third Judicial Circuit.

DONE AND ORDERED in Chambers, in Lake City, Columbia County, Florida this 15 day of August, 2017.

ORIGINAL: Clerk of Court
COPIES: All Third Circuit Judges
Sondra Lanier, Trial Court Administrator