Administrative Order No.


IN RE:Order of Court Decorum for the Third Judicial Circuit

WHEREAS, the Court is charged with the responsibility of maintaining proper order and decorum. Accordingly, the Court shall require all spectators, witnesses, observers, litigants, jurors, and others with whom the judge deals in an official capacity, to conduct and dress themselves in a manner deemed fitting and respectable.

It is therefore ORDERED as follows:

1. Dress in the courtroom and chambers:

No tank tops, cropped shirts, spaghetti strapped shirts or the like. No bare midriffs or shoulders.
No clothing with inappropriate printing thereon. No pajamas.
No shorts except for children under 12 years of age. No bare feet.
No flip-flops.
No hats, caps worn.
No sunglasses worn unless required for a medical condition.
No head coverings except for recognized religious beliefs/practices. (You will be required to show your face to security prior to entry.)
No head or face coverings. (Subject to covid-19 masks exceptions.)

2. Decorum and Behavior in the Courtroom and Chambers:

While in session, everyone is required to remain silent except for those presently involved with the case before the court or you’re speaking with your attorney.
No eating or drinking. No gum chewing.
All cellular phones or audible electronic devices shall be silenced.
No racist, sexist, obscene, or profane language.
No person shall bring packages, suitcases, boxes, duffel bags, shopping bags or containers into the courtroom without prior approval of the bailiff.

3. Enforcement of said decorum policy will be by the bailiffs of this circuit.

4. Failure to abide by these court rules and regulations may result in a contempt finding and the assessment of a fine.

This decorum policy shall be construed as the minimum decorum standards that shall be adhered to throughout the Third Judicial Circuit. Each presiding judge may implement more stringent guidelines as deemed appropriate.

DONE AND ORDERED in Columbia County, Florida, on October 26 , 2022.

Mark E. Feagle, Chief Judge

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Mark E. Feagle, Chief Judge
Third Circuit Clerks
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Public Defender
All Judges of the TJC